January 27, 2003

Heartburn v1.09

Heartburn v1.09 is now available. Fixes and improvements include:

• A bug in chord triggering fixed (One or more simultaneously triggered notes would be dropped).
• Voice allocation system improved.
• Per-patch monophonic, mono-portamento, or polyphonic voicing option (polyphonic only works in full version).
• Note-on velocity sensitivity implemented with per-patch sensitivity range.
• Channel/master volume control now visible on GUI and saved with patch.
• A-FM-B bug fixed (Oscillator B wasn't using correct waveform when A-FM-B was enabled).
This is the cool part! 8 "teaser" presets from sound designer Ben Crosland. Ben is developing a complete bank of 64 professional-quality patches which will be available in February to registered Heartburn users only.

Once again I thank Ben Crosland for his bug reports and helpful suggestions; without his input Heartburn would be a chunk of technology rather than a musical instrument.

Posted by russell at January 27, 2003 8:41 PM

Russell, you released this right after Christmas, which is a lousy time to introduce a new product: everyone's broke! Fortunately, my wallet has recovered a bit and I'm ready to register; thanks for the coolest VSTi ever...

Posted by: freejazzguy at January 28, 2003 4:22 AM