March 6, 2003

Pegger III v0.5

The latest incarnation of Pegger/Reggep is now available for download.

Pegger is an "arpeggiating mixer" -- it selects pulses of audio from each of its 8 input channels. This only works in "fully modular" VST hosts (such as Plogue Bidule or Audiomulch) which support plugins with arbitrary numbers of inputs and outputs. If you don't use one of those hosts and this paragraph doesn't immediately make sense to you, you probably don't need Pegger.

Compared with the Pegger 2 series, this version includes:
• Attractive, easy-to-use GUI
• VST Host clocking option
• Pulse divisor setting reduces the need to do tempo math
• Manual control of input channel selection, making it more useful in hosts such as Bidule which lie to the plugin about input connections
• Improvements to the filter stage including 24dB/octave lowpass option and control of filter resonance
• Waveshaping distortion stage after the filter stage
• Cleaner "tails" on short-release pulses yielding less popping and clicking

Posted by russell at March 6, 2003 4:38 PM