January 31, 2003

Tiny God Nominal Fourier Synthesis updated

This is of interest to, well, probably no one. You may have noticed that some of the Tiny God software uses funny waveform names like "Boondoggle". Those names are used in a scheme I call "Nominal Fourier Synthesis", where an arbitrary name is mapped onto a unique waveform. For a long time the NFS doc referred to a long-obsolete version of the NFS algorithm. It is now up to date, for those of you who want to synthesize your own Hellacious Boondoggles. It might even be accurate, but I doubt it.

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January 27, 2003

Heartburn v1.09

Heartburn v1.09 is now available. Fixes and improvements include:

• A bug in chord triggering fixed (One or more simultaneously triggered notes would be dropped).
• Voice allocation system improved.
• Per-patch monophonic, mono-portamento, or polyphonic voicing option (polyphonic only works in full version).
• Note-on velocity sensitivity implemented with per-patch sensitivity range.
• Channel/master volume control now visible on GUI and saved with patch.
• A-FM-B bug fixed (Oscillator B wasn't using correct waveform when A-FM-B was enabled).
This is the cool part! 8 "teaser" presets from sound designer Ben Crosland. Ben is developing a complete bank of 64 professional-quality patches which will be available in February to registered Heartburn users only.

Once again I thank Ben Crosland for his bug reports and helpful suggestions; without his input Heartburn would be a chunk of technology rather than a musical instrument.

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January 13, 2003

Heartburn v1.05

Heartburn v1.05 is now available. Fixes include:

• Support for 48KHz VST host configurations (tested in Logic, should work in any host).
• Presets 1-32 improved.
• Button-lights and text displays now display and update correctly in any preset.

Note that the names of some of the DLLs have changed; the confusion this may cause is just part of the fun.

Big thanks to Ben Crosland for the beta-testing work on this one.

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January 10, 2003


Breather is a cyclically sweeping filter effect, useful for
adding unpredictably swooshy noises to your compositions.


• From 1 to 4 active variable-cutoff resonant filters offering 12dB/octave lowpass,
highpass, bandpass, and notch modes as well as a 24dB/octave lowpass mode.

• Tempo selectable from 1 to 250 BPM. Filter frequency sweep range
adjustable from 20Hz to 10KHz.

• Filter sweep pattern repeats from 1 to 64 times, randomizing
after the specified number of repeats.

• Compact and straightforward custom GUI.

Breather VST for 32-bit Windows

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Heartburn is the first VST software synthesizer available from Tiny God. It's a fairly conventional virtual-analog style, additive-subtractive synthesizer, but has a number of features which set it apart. The demo version of Heartburn is free.

• The mutation feature, when enabled, causes Heartburn's settings to change with every note played, in order to explore all the sounds the synth is capable of. The mutation rate is widely variable, from vanishingly slight adjustments of the patch to a totally different sound on every note. Many VST hosts support random patch generation, but Heartburn allows finer control and knows which controls not to mess with.

• Patch morphing and breeding. At any time, you can store the current settings to the "Mother" or "Father" slot, then morph smoothly between them in real time, within a note, with the modulation wheel on your MIDI controller, or just click the "Breed" button to try out a different "child" of the parent patches.

• 3 alias-free wavetable oscillators, each offering 36 different selectable waveforms that go far beyond the conventional analog synth offerings.

• An external input channel allowing other VST audio sources to modulate oscillators or take advantage of Heartburn's flexible filters.1

• A conventional variable-cutoff resonant filter offering 12dB/octave lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch modes as well as a 24dB/octave lowpass mode.

• A vocal formant filter capable of producing vowel-like sounds.

• 3 unique LFO/envelope generators, each of which can be selected as a modulation source for the pitch and amplitude of each oscillator, the gain of the external input channel, the conventional filter, and the formant filter.

The demo package contains two versions of Heartburn:

• The "host-interface" version uses the VST host's user interface instead of providing a custom GUI, has all features of Heartburn except morph/breed, and is polyphonic up to 32 voices.

• The "GUI demo" version has an easy-to-use custom interface panel, including morphing and breeding features, but is monophonic.

These versions are not time-limited or crippled in any other way.
Download the Heartburn Demo Package for 32-bit Windows

The full version provides the custom user interface, morphing and breeding features, and 32-voice polyphony. It is priced at $25.
Purchase Full GUI Version of Heartburn!

"Actually...for any Throbbing Gristle fans out there... you probably want this synth very very badly."
-Des Xavier

1 Requires support from the VST host. Known to work in Audiomulch.

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January 8, 2003

Welcome, KvR users!

Since announcing Heartburn 1.0 on KvR the other day, we've had several hundred visitors. Most of you found your way to the Heartburn page. About half of you downloaded the demo package. Almost no one actually bought the software. That's okay and all, I'm just curious why you didn't. Was it because you didn't think it was worth the money? Or was it because you can't afford to buy software currently? Or do you only use free software? Or are you still considering it? Or was the demo version just too good?

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January 1, 2003

Happy New Year! Happy New Site!

Site redesigned and relaunched. Coincidentally, googlism says:

tiny god is born
tiny god is up and running
tiny god is here and it is totally more fantastic than you and your children combined

Oh, and by the way, Heartburn full GUI commercial version is now available.

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