February 27, 2003

Heartburn v1.1

Heartburn v1.10 is now available. No major changes on the surface, but some internal changes that might break it in some VST hosts (so go live dangerously and send me some email, dammit, if it doesn't work for you), and the patch format has changed, so all your PRECIOUS WORK is ruined.

Current registered users as well as new purchasers who download the latest version of Heartburn will also get Ben Crosland's professional-quality sound set for the synth, 64 patches of twisted sonic goodness. Reach for your wallets, kids.

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you're gonna use the comment link, why don't you make sure you have something interesting to say?

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February 18, 2003

Breather v0.7

Breather has been updated to v0.7. This version supports VST host clocking - it can now synchronize to your sequencer and "breathe on the beat." Other internal improvements have been made in addition. Go get it!

Posted by russell at 11:05 AM