March 27, 2003

Breather v0.8

Breather got some important performance-related bug fixes, plus a new feature.

• Sweep speed control added.
• Denormalization bug fixed, eliminating CPU usage jump when processing silence. On a P3-800, usage could go over 50% per live filter.
• Performance improvements in core loop. On a P3-800, went from 8% usage to 2% usage per live filter.

Breather is available on the Products page.

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March 23, 2003

Heartburn v1.13

See, I told you I'd still update the stuff.

Heartburn v1.13 is now available.

• Envelopes can now be toggled between linear and exponential curves. In exponential mode, releases in particular will sound much more natural. I'll let you know if and when the Ben Crosland soundset gets updated to use the new curves.

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March 12, 2003

Tiny God At Work

Just thought I'd let y'all know that I'm now employed in a non-Tiny-God-related job. This will likely slow down my development of Tiny God projects. I will continue to reply to email (albeit with increased latency) and will remain responsive to problem reports.

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March 6, 2003

Pegger III v0.5

The latest incarnation of Pegger/Reggep is now available for download.

Pegger is an "arpeggiating mixer" -- it selects pulses of audio from each of its 8 input channels. This only works in "fully modular" VST hosts (such as Plogue Bidule or Audiomulch) which support plugins with arbitrary numbers of inputs and outputs. If you don't use one of those hosts and this paragraph doesn't immediately make sense to you, you probably don't need Pegger.

Compared with the Pegger 2 series, this version includes:
• Attractive, easy-to-use GUI
• VST Host clocking option
• Pulse divisor setting reduces the need to do tempo math
• Manual control of input channel selection, making it more useful in hosts such as Bidule which lie to the plugin about input connections
• Improvements to the filter stage including 24dB/octave lowpass option and control of filter resonance
• Waveshaping distortion stage after the filter stage
• Cleaner "tails" on short-release pulses yielding less popping and clicking

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Heartburn v1.12

Heartburn v1.12 is now available.

• Heartburn can now load patch banks when running in Orion (and probably some other hosts).
• Morphing should now be smoother in Logic (and probably some other hosts), though screen update during morphing will be slower.
• The Ben Crosland soundset for registered users has had some bug fixes (some oscillators were out of tune when loaded in some hosts; should be better now).

As always, please let me know how Heartburn works for you.

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March 5, 2003

Breather v0.71 and Throbber v0.52

Quick tweaks to both Breather and Throbber here. Both effects now cooperate with hosts in doing mono-stereo bridging. In Orion (and hopefully in Logic) this means they can be used as insert effects in mono channels. Both effects are available on the Products page.

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