April 27, 2003

Heartburn v1.20

Heartburn v1.20 is now available.

• Noise as a waveform choice on all 3 oscs
• Option to continue loop-envelope mode during release on filter, formant, and vibrato

I still owe registered users an updated Ben Crosland soundset. I'll keep you advised.

Posted by russell at 5:23 PM

April 24, 2003

Four-Way Zone v0.55

Four-Way Zone now has per-stage enable/bypass toggles. That means that the pan mode control is completely redundant now, and there's a redundant bypass setting on the VCF mode knob. I desperately need to think of something to do with the pan mode knob. There will be a v0.6 release when I think of it.

Yes, I am a symmetry whore.

Posted by russell at 10:25 PM

April 20, 2003

Four-Way Zone v0.5

Fans of Throbber will want to download the initial release of Four-Way Zone.

Unlike Throbber, which had a single LFO driving either a VCF, VCA, or flanger, Four-Way Zone has four independent tempo-syncable LFOs driving an autopanner, VCF, VCA, and flanger in series. CPU usage is only a little more than twice that of one Throbber unit, so this is substantially more efficient if you want that much sound abuse.


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April 6, 2003

Throbber v0.6

Throbber grew a flanger. It's available on the Products page.

Posted by russell at 9:13 PM