January 23, 2005

Meridian beta 0.89 0.90

This sucker is almost done.

Here's Beta v0.90

(Send me some email after you play with it, dammit!)

Version 0.90 changes:
Presets are named and arranged by type (Keys, Bass, Lead, Pad, Weird) and suck less.
Documentation is coherent and sucks less.

Version 0.89 changes:
Filter code now uses SSE. SSE version is 25%-30% faster overall than non-SSE.
24dB/octave bandpass and highpass filters added.
Gate 1 can control panning.
MIDI controllers smoothed.
14-bit MIDI controllers supported (untested).
Mono mode remembers and retriggers held notes.
Waveset timbres changed, 3 more added.

Version .88 changes:
Checks CPU for SSE support and pops up helpful dialog boxes if you're using the wrong version.
Shuts down gracefully if trying to run SSE version on non-SSE CPU.
Presets have default MIDI controller mappings (in particular, CC7 volume is mapped to volume, and CC1 mod wheel is mapped to filter sustain level cutoff, but many others are mapped as well).
MIDI learn works better.
Increased filter cutoff range - previously you had to do tricks with the gates to get the filter below 75Hz or above 4KHz.

Version .87 changes:
SSE and non-SSE versions provided for compatibility with older CPUs.

Version .86 changes:
Oscillators optimized using SSE instructions.
Warm and friendly distortion unit.
More oscillator waveshapes available.
Bug fixes

Posted by russell at January 23, 2005 9:25 AM