February 7, 2005

Meridian 1.0 Released!

Meridian has arrived! Everyone who was holding off because it was beta, go get it!

--- Here's Meridian ---

Monophonic SSE and non-SSE versions available for free. 32-voice polyphonic version is US$35. Take advantage of that strong Euro, guys!

Meridian's hand-coded, lovingly optimized synthesis engine features:

High-quality high-performance antialiased oscillators with 9 unique waveforms and continuous brightness/fullness controls!
Static and dynamic detune for warm, fat, moving sounds -- it's the John Candy of soft synths!
Modulations include LFO vibrato, LFO filter modulation, four-point filter envelope, dual 16-step gates with adjustable attack and release times modulating gain, filter, and panning, and more!
Integral waveshaping distortion capable of gently limiting the sound or shrieking like a teenage girl!
4-tap tempo-syncable feedback delay!
Multi-mode filter with 12- and 24-dB/octave lowpass, bandpass, and highpass configurations, unique filter 'afterburn' variations, capable of self-oscillating resonance!
Mutation feature to quickly explore the entire range of sounds Meridian is capable of!
64 presets generated with the very latest in random number technology, almost 35% of them usable!

Posted by russell at 10:30 PM