March 17, 2005

Tiny FX

I've been working on a suite of small effect modules which will have control-rate 'subchannels' to modulate one another with. The cross-modulation isn't ready for prime time yet, but four of the individual modules are usable at this point.

Tiny Distort:
Distortion and bitcrusher unit. Sample decimation adjustable down to 40:1, sample quantization from 24 bit to 1 bit, several different forms of waveshaping distortion, variable-hardness clipping, and a gain knob that goes to 11.

Tiny Splitter:
Splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands. First out pair is lowpass, second out pair is bandpass, third out pair is highpass. Bandpass covers the range between the lowpass and highpass cutoff frequencies even if low and high cross over.

Tiny Chorus:
Simple chorus unit. Can be very subtle or completely wack; the vibrato rate goes well into audible frequencies for a metallic FM sound, and in the current version, the feedback control can turn it into a pulsing throbbing mess very easily.

Tiny Gate:
16-step tempo-synced gate sequencer with delay and feedback. Mutation control randomly tweaks gate states as it cycles.

>>> Download Tiny FX <<<

Stay tuned for more...

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