Old Stuff

Some older projects. These are not currently under development, but might be resurrected someday.

MIDIBounce (Win32 app)

MIDIBounce is a stand-alone app rather than a plugin. It spews MIDI controller messages to the MIDI-out of your choice. This relieves you of the responsibility of random knob-twiddling. A few more months of this kind of development and there will be nothing left for you to do!

Download MIDIBounce for 32-bit Windows

MIDIBounce is especially useful in conjunction with a MIDI loopback virtual device such as MIDI Yoke from MIDI-OX.

MIDITab (Win32 app)

MIDITab uses a Wacom or similar tablet input device to generate MIDI data. I have tested it with a Wacom Intuos 8x6, and had good reports on a Graphire, but I don't know that it works with other makes and models. If you have a tablet device, grab this and give it a try. If it doesn't work, tell me what the error messages are and I'll try and fix it.

Download MIDITab v0.3 for 32-bit Windows

As with MIDIBounce, you'll likely want a MIDI loopback virtual device such as MIDI Yoke from MIDI-OX.

Breathe Beat and Filter Swamp (Win32 VST)

These were my first attempts at creating VST plugins. Breathe Beat is basically a bandpass filter that sweeps its cutoff frequency in a random cyclic pattern at a specified tempo. Filter Swamp is four separate bandpass filters which sweep at different rates. Both are useful for adding unpredictably swooshy noises to your compositions.

These two begat Breather, which is better and more flexible than both Filter Swamp and Breathe Beat put together, with up to four active filters, running in one of four different modes (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or notch). Plus fewer bugs!

Download Breathe Beat and Filter Swamp for 32-bit Windows (obsolete)

Pegger II, Reggep II, Pegger, and Reggep (Win32 VST)

Pegger has features of a crossfading mixer, an arpeggiating sequencer, and a granulating synthesizer. It acts like an arpeggiator which cycles through separate input channels instead of tones. It routes several inputs in turn to a single output channel. It has a number of bells and whistles. Pegger's twin brother, Reggep, routes a single input to several outputs.

Pegger II and Reggep II are much more efficient than the originals when envelope parameters are changing, and have larger filter sweep range.

All of these are superseded by Pegger III and Reggep III

Download Pegger II and Reggep II for 32-bit Windows (obsolete)

Download Pegger and Reggep for 32-bit Windows (obsolete)

Edge (Win32 VST)

Edge is a tone generator module. It generates an entire musical scale at once, with each note of the scale on a separate output channel. Combined with Pegger, it effectively acts as an arpeggiating synthesizer. With AudioMulch's 8x8 matrix mixer in between, it can play sequences of chords, allowing you to fire the least talented member of your band.

Edge2 is an updated version with smoother timbral control and support for obscure scale modes via the Scala file format.

Download Edge2 for 32-bit Windows

Download Edge for 32-bit Windows (obsolete)

Femme (Win32 VST)

Femme is a simple frequency modulated oscillator. It uses Nominal Fourier synthesis to provide several unique waveforms.

Download Femme for 32-bit Windows

NooneRenooN (Win32 VST)

Nooner and Renoon convert between "virtual control voltage" (VST audio signal paths being used to carry LFO or control data) and MIDI events.

Download Nooner and Renoon for 32-bit Windows